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We know what businesses need when they are looking for professional cleaning for your office or any kind of commercial facility. We will clean the commercial property thoroughly, giving attention to details. There is no spot left behind when it comes to cleaning done by MC Commercial Cleaning. We are experts at cleaning your property with appropriate cleaning supplies. We will bring in all the needed cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and environmentally approved.

Window Cleaning

Windows in a commercial property get dirty often. If you ignore your windows, they will accumulate dirt, obstruct visibility and look dirty from the outside. If windows are used for natural lighting during the day, dust accumulation will also obstruct the light. We will clean your window with proper cleaning supplies so there are no water streak marks. There will be no stains or blurriness when it comes to cleaning your windows.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets at commercial places get dirty easily. People with dirty shoes get on the carpet and dirty, dust and dirt from outside accumulate on your carpet and dirty it. We have specilised vacuum to clean your carpet. We will remove the dust and dirt from the fibres of the carpet so there is no residual dirt. Your carpet will look cleaner, and fluffier. People working or visiting your commercial property will have a better impression of your business. Let us know when you need effective carpet cleaning for your carpet.

Furniture Cleaning

We will clean your furniture at your commercial location. If your furniture has dust and dirt accumulated from neglect or not being cleaned for a long time, we can clean it for you. We will not leave any furniture without cleaning. No matter what kind of furniture is in your commercial property we will clean it. Our cleaning involves dusting and wiping with appropriate cleaning solutions so as not to harm the furniture in any way.

Floor Cleaning

Floors tend to get a lot dirty in commercial property, since there is a lot of foot traffic in commercial properties. We clean your hardwood floor, tile floor, marble floor or any other kind of floor. We will clean the bathroom floor as well. We will have all the needed floor cleaning supplies to make your commercial property floors spotless.

Moving-In Or Moving-Out Cleaning

Whether you are moving in a new commercial property or moving-out of a property, you will have professional cleaning. This is where we come in. We will clean your commercial property to make it perfect for moving in or moving out for the next inhabitant.

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